Finally we start…
Finally we start this new adventure. The idea was born a few years ago and has taken a long time to come true.
“Doing something that could make Mary smile”, this has been the idea that has moved us and sustained us all this time.
The Saints remind us that devotion to Our Lady is the shortcut to Christ and Holiness. We are certain, because we live it every day, that closeness to Mary allows us to know the Mystery of Christ with an intelligence and a depth that only a mother can have.
This is why we wish to help people in the prayer of the Rosary that allows us to look at, know and live the main moments of Jesus’ story through the heart of this great Mother.
We have created an app that is extremely functional because we believe that, first of all, God and Mary deserve things done well and, furthermore, we are certain that where there is beauty there is always something of God.
Our desire is to make this App grow in the coming years, thanks also to your help, advice and suggestions.
We would like to thank those who would like to join us in this extraordinary journey.